PCT 2014

Here you will find all of the posts from my PCT thru-hike of 2014, in order, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

My PCT 2014 Gear List
My 2014 post-trail gear review

Part one: THE DESERT

Day 1: Campo to Lake Morena
Day 2: Just Like Washington in September aka Thank God I Brought Warm Layers This Time
Day 3: Me Duele La Pierna
Day 4: Wherein the Desert Becomes Desert-Like Again
Day 5: Sun, Sand and Stabby Plants
Day 6: Would You Rather
Day 7: It is Ideal to be Idle in Idyllwild
Day 8: Magical Pine Forests and Long, Long Descents
Day 9: The Closest I’ve Ever Come to a Helicopter Ride
Day 10: Draggin Ass in the Heat
Day 11: Big Bearrrr
Day 12: Zero Never Felt So Good
Day 13: A One Ounce Tent and Three Lighters
Day 14: The Swimming Hole of Our Dreams
Day 15: The Backs of Dragons
Day 16: Turning the Wheel of Life
Day 17: Baden Powell Day
Day 18: Poodle-Dog Bush Day
Day 19: Much Desert, So Zombie
Day 20: Zero in Hiker Heaven
Day 21: Finding My Heat Edge
Day 22: Los Angeles Aquaduct Death March
Day 23: Out of the Windmills and Into Tehachapi
Day 24: Hiking Like a Boss and Crying Like a Four-Year-Old
Day 25: A Short Day and the Flayed Toe Challenge
Day 26: Walker Pass and a Storm Rollin’ in
Day 27: Sudden Storms and a Hypothermia Situation
Day 28: Oh Happy Day


Day 29: A Zero in Kennedy Meadows
Day 30: The Promised Land
Day 31: One Month In, Feeling Fucking Fantastic
Day 32: Party On the Tilt-A-Whirl
Day 33: Mt. Whitney Day!
Day 34: Postholing to Transcendence
Day 35: Rest Day Fail
Day 36: Glen Pass is Fucking Sketch and the Trail is Covered in Snow
Day 37: Pinchot While Panicking, Mather in the Dark
Day 38: Muir Hut Day
Day 39: A Long Beautiful Day to a Cold lake
Day 40: Molasses Where My Blood Should Be
Day 41: Mammoth Lakes of Awesome
Day 42: Eating Until I Can’t Anymore: A Zero in Mammoth Lakes
Day 43: The Nature of Existence
Day 44: Toulumne Meadows
Day 45: Hiking Out of Yosemite Valley on the JMT
Day 46: The Fun Goes Up When the Miles Go Down
Day 47: Happy, Arduous Miles in the Land of Amazing Magic
Day 48: Sonora Pass of Wonder


Day 49: Leaving Bridgeport
Day 50: Full Moon/Friday the 13th/40 Miles
Day 51: Tahoe on the Dregs of Fumes
Day 52: Too Much Sugar, Not Enough Sleep
Day 53: Cold Forest is Cold
Day 54: Hailstorms and Sleeping in the Gym
Day 55: Warmth at Last, and Trail Magic Lasagna!
Day 56: Sierra City!
Day 57: Doing Nothing in Sierra City for a Whole Goddam Day
Day 58: Hike Naked Until You’re Sunburnt Day
Day 59: Heat, Dust, Chafe, Ridgewalking
Day 60: Dreaming a Dream in Bucks Lake
Day 61: Just Day Hiking Between Trail Angels aka We Are So Spoiled
Day 62: Weary Climbs and a Storm’s a-Brewin’
Day 63: Resisting the Temptation of Free Pizza and 35 Miles to Victory
Day 64: Cruising Into Old Station
Day 65: Hat Creek Rim of Beauty
Day 66: I Kind of Forgot How to Hike in the Heat
Day 67: Stumbling Through the Forest in a Heat Wave
Day 68: The Lush Green Forest is Trying to Cook Us
Day 69: Town at Last
Day 70: Shitting My Brains Out: A Zero in Mt. Shasta
Day 71: Sick as a Dog, Campy 4th of July Parades and the Hippy Party Bus
Day 72: Castle Crags of Enchanted Magic
Day 73: Giardia Schmiardia, I Feel Strong!
Day 74: Wading Through Hot Ramen and Watching a Bear
Day 75: A Successful In & Out in Etna, the Town With More Deer Than People
Day 76: Cowbells, Butterflies and a Steam Room Full of Flowers
Day 77: Fording the Klamath River on my Neo-Air
Day 78: The Thunder Rolls

Part four: OREGON

Day 79: Ashland = Heaven
Day 80 & 81: Trying To Take Care of Business When It’s Too Hot To Think: A Double Zero in Ashland
Day 82: Smoke, Poison Oak, Oregon!
Day 83: Southern Oregon Blues
Day 84: Mosquito Hell is Here at Last
Day 85: Crater Lake Day
Day 86: Oregon Will Be Over Before We Know It
Day 87: Plodding Through the Dust to Shelter Cove
Day 88: Praying for Rain
Day 89: The Sky is a Tempest/Three Sisters Wilderness
Day 90: Hypothermia in Oregon in July, and Other Exciting Things That Can Happen on the PCT
Day 91: Fire Closure Realness: A Zero in Sisters
Day 92: Fail/Win/Fail
Day 93: Solitary Solitude in Mt. Jefferson Wilderness
Day 94: Night-Hiking to Timberline Lodge, and Other Things That I Do Every Year
Day 95: Epiphytes Epiphytes Epiphytes!


Day 96: Nero in White Salmon aka Fanciest Nero Ever
Day 97: Magical Enchanted Rainforest Night-Hiking
Day 98: Jewel-Colored Lakes, Humid Climbs, and Other Wonders of Washington in July
Day 99: Trout Lake and UFO’s Over Mt. Adams
Day 100: Mt. Adams Wilderness… of Black Flies and Mosquitoes
Day 101: Goat Rocks Day
Day 102: White Pass
Day 103: The North Cascades are Beautiful/Morale is High Again
Day 104: Sometimes You Break Your Face
Day 105: Snoqualmie Pass Trail Magic of Wonder
Day 106: A Mountain Goat and Scott Williamson!
Day 107: Full Moon/Long Climbs/Big Miles
Day 108: Smoky/Hot/Stevens Pass/Egg!
Day 109: Everything Is On Fire
Day 110: Beautiful, Arduous Miles in Glacier Peak Wilderness
Day 111: What is the Lesson Here
Day 112: Plodding Through the Rain to Paradise
Day 113: Freakin’ Stehekin: A Zero in the Promised Land
Day 114: Pie, Climbing, Cutthroat Pass
Day 115: These Last Few Days Are So Sweet
Day 116: Something Like Absolution

3 thoughts on “PCT 2014

  1. Cameron, that’s probably too early. You’ll encounter an excess of snow and snow runoff, meaning raging rivers in the Sierras (unless this huge drought continues), and it will be cold. Most people start April – May

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