Below is my typical three-season gear list. Gear varies a bit depending on the trail.


my gear for the MRT

Pack- Superior Wilderness Designs 35Liter (w frame and hipbelt)


ULA Ohm 2.0

25 (ounces)



Shelter- zpacks Hexamid solo tarp, Sea to Summit Nano bug net, 8 msr mini groundhog stakes


Zpacks duplex with 8 msr mini groundhog stakes





Sleeping bag- Western Mountaineering Versalite 10 degree, regular


Enlightened Equipment enigma 10 degree quilt





Sleeping bag stuff sac 1
Granite gear food sac 2
Neo-air x-lite womens regular with stuff sac 12
1/8 inch foam sleeping pad 2.5
Samsung galaxy S9+ Smartphone in otterbox case (with the gaia app for navigation contained therein)  9
Anker external battery 20,100 MaH 16
2 wall chargers for gadgets 4
Petzl e-Lite headlamp  1
Steripen Ultra water purifier 5.7
Pepsi can alcohol stove from dude on ebay who probably makes them in his garage


MSR pocket rocket 2





 Knife (tiny swiss army classic w/scissors and single blade)  1
Evernew titanium 900ml pot with windscreen and stuff sac  5.1
Titanium spoon .6
Platypus 2-liter bottle 1.3
Gatorade bottles x 2 2.5
Sea to summit silicone cup 2.2
Various small items in zipper pouch: Toothbrush and toothpaste, floss with sewing needle inside, pen with a few pieces of paper, earplugs, ibuprofen, earbuds, extra chapstick, tiny plastic camp mirror, hairties, cloth medical tape, antibio ointment, etc 6
Sunglasses and case 3
One ounce bottle of hand sanitizer 1
Sunscreen 2
Toilet paper 1
Trash compactor bag liner 1
Deuce of spades trowel .6
Wallet  2
Lightweight rain jacket (brand varies)  7
Tights 7
Extra pair of lightweight running socks  1
Montbell superior down parka, men’s small  8.7
Long sleeve thermal 5
 Bandanna x 2  2
 Exofficio underwear  1
 Mosquito headnet as stuff sack for clothes  1
Warm hat  2
 Lightweight fleece gloves  2
Total base weight of pack (this is the weight without food, water, fuel or worn clothing) Around 12lbs? Or something

Worn on my body: Running shorts, synthetic t-shirt, lightweight running socks, sports bra, hat of some kind. Brooks Cascadias. Dirty girl gaiters. Black diamond ultra-distance z-poles.

4 thoughts on “Gear

  1. Hard to argue with an 8.2 lbs gear list, nice job, but check out the 1 liter Aqua Fina bottles. With mouth, a bit taller but with less girth allows other items such as tent poles in the same pocket more securely

  2. I like the look of your jeppack! Interested to hear how it holds up on the cdt. Btw, just read your most recent post and was horrified to read that people tracked you down to visit you on the trail. Even if they mean well that is just freaky beyond belief! Best of luck to you on the CDT, cannot wait to read all about it! Go Carrot!

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