MRT 2019

In the spring of 2019 I hiked the Mogollon Rim Trail, a 480 mile route across the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. The route was created by Brett Tucker and Melissa Spencer, and you can find more info about it here.

I found the route to be super interesting and I learned a lot about a the area, which I always enjoy. I hiked in a very wet spring, so there was tons of water- I rarely carried more than two liters. I started the route April 10th, which felt like the perfect start date, hiked the route east to west, and finished in 36 days. (I was hella chill and luxurious and took a zero in every town). The route, for me, was generally cold at night and warm during the day. Below is a link to every daily blog post. Enjoy!

MRT: before the hike
MRT day one: never packraft with chihuahuas
MRT day two: sycamore canyon
MRT day three: beautiful things for rich people
MRT day four: zero in Sedona
MRT day five: cat claw
MRT day six: surprise chinese food
MRT day seven: rocks
MRT day eight: road/water
MRT day nine: clear creek canyon
MRT day 10: our feet r beat
MRT day 11: Alfonso’s burns down
MRT day 12: the highline trail
MRT day 13: burn
MRT day 14: spiders
MRT day 15: thorn
MRT day 16: forest lakes estates
MRT day 17: porch couch
MRT day 18: wild horses
MRT day 19: general crook was a piece of shit
MRT day 20: white supremacy in the outdoors community
MRT day 21: zero in trump land
MRT day 22: molasses pace
MRT day 23: up into the white mountains!
MRT day 24: alpine wonderland
MRT day 25: the pioneer myth
MRT day 26: zero in greer
MRT day 27: the calm before the storm
MRT day 28: someday this will all be aspens
MRT day 29: the black river is fucking cold
MRT day 30: the land of the free cows
MRT day 31: cold downpour
MRT day 32: Alpine
MRT day 33: raspberry creek and blue river
MRT day 34: blue
MRT day 35: narrows
MRT day 36: fin