Day one: campo to lake morena

April 25th
Mileage 20
Mile 0 to mile 20

What am I doing with my life/this is what I’m doing with my life/what is a “life”.

These things I know: people are friendly and gentle on the trail, 20 miles in the desert heat is no big, I’ve done this/I love doing this/this feels like home/like I never left/like I’ve been gone a hundred years/like I’ve gone backwards/forwards/sideways in time/my heart is raw and there are feelings, why is there something instead of nothing and what is life and what is a thru-hike?

Saw a rattlsnake, drank 4 liters of water, reached Lake Morena at 2:45 in the afternoon. Wasn’t tired but I did have butt chafe. Nothing like a little butt chafe to make a person feel alive. I missed it. A life without butt chafe is not a life I want to live.

Hunkered down in my tent, class of 2014 is drinking and being loud, there’s a storm moving in/the sky is threatening rain. My tent zipper is busted and my sleeping pad is only 1/8 inch thick. I brought just the one, oh yeah.

What is possible/what is anything. Nostalgia and anticipation mixed into a not unappetizing soup, a generous handful of sleep deprivation thrown in.


15 thoughts on “Day one: campo to lake morena

  1. And the excitement begins. Our son is looking forward to meeting you down the trail – he’s in Big Bear City waiting out a snow storm. Looking forward to this adventure for you . . . and for us readers!

  2. Oh wow you have started…!!!
    Woke up today first thing on my mind missing the kick off party happening now. Then saw your blog entry. Wishing you the greatest of great experience. Stay safe. Enjoy the snakes. Go go go Carrot! Blessings.

  3. I love to see that you have started out. I´ll Keep my fingers crossed for you ! Looking Forward to your Progress.
    All the best

  4. Congratulations on this new beginning! So happy for you and looking forward to following along. Thank you for inviting us in.

  5. Indeed. What is a life without Butt Chafe? For me, a thru-hike is about living a lifetime in a short period of time. It’s experiencing life with eyeswideopen and sensory overload and a constant sense of Awe whether it’s the Good, the Bad or the highly Ridiculous. It’s about going through a lifetimes worth of emotions and experiences in a short period of time, adapting, rolling with it and thriving! Love me some PCT. Have a great adventure, Carrot!

  6. I’m super jealous, but my time will come….for now I will enjoy following you (again) and many others on your respective journeys to Canada. I live in LA and frequent the San Gabriel Mountains. If there’s anything you need when you get to that area then hit me up!

  7. Welcome back to the trail. I was at kickoff yesterday and last night. Total equipment failure. My zpacks solo tent collapsed at 3 am in the storm. I got soaked and froze. Went back to San Diego with a plan to sell the tent and go back to the Big Agnes UL2. Would have loved to cross paths with you while there. Maybe in OR while heading south. Have a great hike.

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