Day 10: draggin ass in the heat

May 4
Mileage 28
Mile 220.5 to mile 248.5

Heat wave/the desert can be fucking brutal. Climbing for 20 miles, from one thousand feet up to eight thousand feet. I cross paths with two angry rattlesnakes, one horny toad. I feel awful all day. Water tastes bad, I’m not really peeing, eating makes me naseous. There’s no shade and I run out of water for a few miles, get even more sick to my stomach, then I’m shitting my brains out for the rest of the day. Someone at Ziggy and the Bear’s said that after my experience with the heat and dehydration yesterday I’d feel off for a couple of days. I hope that’s it. It seems too early for anything else. I can’t keep up with anyone today, I feel too tired and mumbly to talk. I’m amazed that in spite of how I feel I manage to drag myself 28 miles over the scarred, convoluted surface of the earth. I must be some sort of masochist. At one point I sit down on a rock and cry. It’s very pretty and sitting and looking at the nature, the low light of dusk, makes me feel better. Why is everything so hard. In the end though I overshoot the boys, who stop at a haunted, mouse-filled cabin, and spread my bedroll on a beautiful ridge at 8 thousand feet among the pine trees. NotaChance, we’ll learn tomorrow, did a 33 mile day to sleep on the couch at the Onyx summit cache. We’ve taken to calling our group “NotaChance and the Pink Blazers”, as we spend our days trying desperately to keep up with her. (Pink blazing is when you try to catch a woman on the trail.) I blow up my neoair. We’ve climbed up high enough that there are pine trees again- it’s a magical trick of the desert. It’s freezing, literally freezing, but I suspect that with my neoair I’ll be cozy and warm. And I am! I lay in my bedroll, listening to the wind in the trees around me, as my body begins to relax. I’ve stretched, taken an ibuprofen. Drank my magnesium powder. My feet ache in a brutal way, my ankles, my calves, my knees. I roll over but the pain just shifts. Random pains zing across my shoulders, down my arms, through my big toes. What am I doing? I think. Maybe I should slow down. This pace is brutal. It’s been epic for me to go as fast as I have been, this soon. But at what cost? All this pain and pressure. I don’t want to lose my friends. I’m not sure if I can keep up. But I’ll do my best.

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3 thoughts on “Day 10: draggin ass in the heat

  1. I hope that you will gain your strength back. I think that not having water really messes with us, especially when it’s hot. Take care! I’ll be praying for you…

  2. Carrot, please slow down. There are more friends behind you. What’s the rush? You sound like you’re going through hell to hike someone else’s hike. You have extraordinary strength but that doesn’t mean you have to push yourself to the absolute limits. You should ask yourself if you are having fun. This should be the time of your life, not the limits to your existence. Unless your goal was to race to the finish, slow down and enjoy the 5 months you’ve committed to this incredible adventure. Think of all the great friends you will never meet if you don’t take it more easy. Think of how difficult it is to enjoy your time with your new friends if you are hanging within an inch of your life. My advice, next town, take a zero and figure out what you want to get out of this hike. A race or an experience. 28 miles in that heat is amazing, don’t know if I could do that, but would you have been disappointed with 20 miles or even 15? Maybe, you would have felt better and made friends with that Horny toad. Just my humble opinion 🙂 Hang in there…


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