Day 67: stumbling through the forest in a heat wave

June 30
Mileage 23.5
Mile 1429 to mile 1452.5

I sleep hard- thank god! And wake up at 6, rub the crust from my eyes, eat my granola and protein powder in its plastic container. We’re hiking by 6:30- maybe we’ll get a 30 mile day today. We climb all morning through the shady forest and it’s gradual and not too bad. At the top we break out of the trees and there’s Mt. Shasta, in all her snowy, cone-shaped glory. We’re standing there in the full sun when we suddenly realize-

It’s fucking hot. So hot.

How hot, we don’t know. All we know is that we’re sweating like crazy and have to take a break every three miles, during which we almost fall asleep, and I seem to need about a million liters of water. And every time we break out of the trees and walk in the sun we can feel the heat rising up off of the earth, like we’re in a solar oven. At one point I plan to get water at slides seep, a water source on guthook, at mile 1448.4, and as soon as I get there I realize- the seep doesn’t exist. It didn’t exist last year, either, and Instigate and I spent a half hour looking for it. I’m super thirsty and super overheated and I have a mini freakout in my head, storm past Twinkle without saying anything. A half mile later there’s a seasonal water source that’s basically a few feet of wet mud in some alders, but there’s a narrow stream of clear water a few inches long and I press my bottle into it, fill it halfway, and drink. After a couple of rounds I even let Twinkle fill his bottle too.

I say uncle at a spring four miles later, even though it’s only a 23.5 mile day. I feel absolutely cooked, and I need to stuff chips into my face and go to sleep. The black flies are awful but Twinkle has a bugnet for his tarp and he pitches it while I fill our bottles at the spring, water so cold it makes my hands ache. Twinkle has reception so he looks up the weather in the nearest town-

Today was an observed high of 108 degrees.

Photos on instagram.

9 thoughts on “Day 67: stumbling through the forest in a heat wave

  1. I recall how damn hot it gets up there. Hellz bellz, it gets hot here, too…in the high desert!
    I can see Baden-Powell from my seat in our living room. I hear it beckoning me.
    Stay safe, friends!

  2. Uncle Tom just mentioned to me about the missing spring. I’ll update it in the app ASAP, but please let us know if there are any major errors in the app data like that. Or write an entry in the trail register in the app. We can’t be on the ground every year to update things, so your input is invaluable.

    Happy trails, and keep on kicking ass!

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