Day 53: cold forest is cold

June 16
Mileage 24
Mile 1101 to mile 1125

We sleep in- I have a dream we’re all in prison and I bake Twinkle a birthday cake in a titanium pot, make frosting from hot chocolate and crushed butterfingers like Coughee said he did in prison. When I wake it’s Twinkle’s birthday (he’s 27! What a champ!) and the sun is almost high enough to reach us- hallelujah for sleep. We sit there groggily for a while, eating things from our food bags, until NotaChance and Mack happen upon us- they slept at echo lake last night, they say, in the pit toilets. Apparently it was really, really windy at echo lake.

It’s cold in the forest today. So cold. We wear our puffy jackets almost all day, trudging in the cold breeze past glittering lakes, their surfaces rippled from the wind. We don’t know if this is a storm, some weather moving through, what. It’s cold and windy and it won’t warm up! June in northern california is broken! The trail is beautiful, though. We climb up and over Dick’s pass (LOL), down through some lumpy, confusing snow, then more lakes, more cold forest.

We do all of 24 miles today, to camp with Mack and NotaChance next to a frigid stream, on a bit of sloping ground covered in gopher holes. Not bad, considering we didn’t start hiking until 9 a.m. Happy birthday Twinkle!

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4 thoughts on “Day 53: cold forest is cold

  1. You’re hiking so fast! What are you going to do? Yo-Yo back to southern Oregon?

    Yeah. I’m planting that seed.

  2. Looks like you guys are going to be in Truckee very soon. Call us if you want a place to stay. 775-315-3719. Make sure to hit Whole Treats Bakery while you’re here – it’s entirely gluten-free.

  3. Twinkle senior here. Since it was Twinkles birthday, I have been thinking about him as a tyke more than usual. Thought you might be interested that from about two to seven years old we often referred to him as Vavoom, in reference to an old cartoon character who was a little dude who could level mountains with his voice and determination. There never was a child louder than Vavoom Twinkle nor one more determined to do whatever it was he decided he wanted to do. I am relieved to know he has not yet caused an avalanche on the trail with one of his world famous belches.

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