Day 19: much desert, so zombie

May 13
Mileage 24
Mile 430.5 to mile 454.5

So tired
Am zombie
Death march, today, to Saufley’s hiker heaven
Much hot, so feet, so desert
fell asleep late last night b/c 35 mile ENDORPHINS!!!! Woke at 4 a.m. b/c moon, felt good for exactly two hours, sun came up to vaporize morale commence death march through the desert.

No shade! Heat radiating up from the hot sand! Leg skin roasting! I am a delerious baked potato! Why is everything so bright? A chorus of pain in my body- the tenor of chafe sting, the deep bass of hot aching feet. The lilting melody of my heel blister. The song plays on repeat.

Reached hot little agua dulce in the afternoon, roadwalk beating the soles of my feet. Bought a roast chicken. Ride to hiker heaven. Sheriff and Twinkle and NotaChance drinking cheap beer in the shade. Cool shower, said hello to Donna Saufley! Flowered loaner dress camp chair ate a green bell pepper.

They say there’s a heat wave coming in. The crew is zombied the fuck out, feet beat all to hell, we’re zeroing here for sure. Then the mojave in a hundred degrees? We become nocturnal? We’ll see.

Tonight we sleep on cots under the warm stars. No alarms.

Hikers ahead- we’re coming for you!!!

Just one disgusting photo on instagram.

6 thoughts on “Day 19: much desert, so zombie

  1. Time to go nocturnal… Don’t take on the sun. It’s too big. If it were me I would take the zero, stay up as long as I can, sleep as much as possible during the next day, and repeat to shift to night hiking. Carry batteries for the headlights. I think night hiking can be fun rather than zombie walking and carrying all that water. You’ve got a full moon. Make use of it. Good luck…

  2. HI Carrot, Making great time. Hope we can cross paths in the Sierras late June, I’m going south. But at this speed you and Not a Chance will be long gone. Best wishes. Fred.

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