Hayduke Route 2016

In spring of 2016 I thru-hiked the 800-ish mile Hayduke Trail westbound, from Arches National Park to Zion National Park. The Hayduke is more of a route than a trail- there is no signage and one mostly navigates cross-country, without tread or roads of any kind, through the wild canyonated landscapes of the Colorado Plateau. I loved the Hayduke. It was slow, arduous and transcendental, beautiful beyond belief, and I learned a lot. Below are the links to my daily blog entries. More info on the Hayduke can be found herehere and here.

Day one: lumpkins
Day 2: sand: and introduction
Day 3: spirals, whorls, piles and stacks
Day 4: we’re never gonna make it
Day 5: on the roof
Day 6: 2 sick 2 hike
Day 7: salt creek is a place I would like to live forever
Day 8: so many ruins, so little time
Day 9: slow miles, hard miles
Day 10: Dark Canyon
Day 11: oops, no water ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Day 12: oops, a zero in Hanksville
Day 13: the longest hitch
Day 14: the Dirty Devil River
Day 15: in and out
Day 16: not Mt. Ellen
Day 17: waterpocket fold/cache party
Day 18: Muley twist canyon/damn you laxative springs
Day 19: halls creek/heat/tamarisk
Day 20: a study of slickrock/Stevens canyon
Day 21: coyote gulch
Day 22: Escalante is spelled z-e-r-o
Day 23: the long hitch back to the trail
Day 24: bouldering in Monday canyon
Day 25: make your own alternate day
Day 26 and 27: 2 sick 2 hike, part two
Day 28: back at it/last chance creek
Day 29: zen and the art of wash walking
Day 30: wherein I transcend the need for water
Day 31: paria river of wonderment
Day 32: pain level 9
Day 33: Bryce is nice
Day 34: O ponderosa forest
Day 35: there’s never really not water
Day 36: in and out of kanab
Day 37: sandblasted
Day 38: the arizona trail on the kaibab plateau
Day 39-42: that time when it was winter again
Day 43: cruisin in the cold on the kaibab
Day 44: best laid plans
Day 45: the nankoweep trail (in the dark)
Day 46: colorado river bushwhack/earning the hayduke
Day 47: beamer trail of sketch
Day 48: the escalante route
Day 49: up to the south rim
Day 50: zero at the south rim
Day 51: rim 2 rim
Day 52:  gentle miles in the cold peaceful forest
Day 53: teddy’s cabin chill time
Day 54: saddle canyon/earning the Hayduke, part 2
Day 55: slow and beautiful wins the race
Day 56: kanab creek/house-sized boulders in an enchanted waterpark
Day 57: hot miles to our cache
Day 58: the arizona strip
Day 59: zero in Hurricaine
Day 60: touring polygamyville
Day 61: deep sand to virgin river narrows
Day 62: zion/fin
Grand canyon bonus: rim 2 rim 2 rim
Talking with Mike Coronella, co-creator of the Hayduke Trail