Day 20: zero in hiker heaven

May 14
Mileage: zero

I almost forgot to blog today, I was so relaxed.

Warm sun on the ground, the neighing of horses, lying on my cot in the shade in my flower-print loaner dress, letting the day slip by. Eating a little bit of everything until I no longer remember what I ate. Doing the tiny errands- writing postcards, updating my FAQ page, mailing things ahead. Watching a vhs movie in the cool hiker trailer, eating watermelon. Cuddling daschunds. Watching the other hikers arrive, sand-beaten and roasted from the sun, legs and clothes smeared with dirt. Dehydrated, hunched under the weight of their packs. Watching the relief flood their faces as they realize that everything they need is here.

Donna Saufley is brilliant at what she does. She’s creates the most relaxing hiker habitat on earth.

In bed now on my cot, just after dark. The sun has gone down and the moon has come up. Alarms set to four a.m.- we hike out early to beat the hundred degree heat. What does the future hold? Everything.

Photos on instagram.

3 thoughts on “Day 20: zero in hiker heaven

  1. Hope you got some of the coconut water and Pedialyte I brought over for you guys! Load up on those sexy electrolytes. šŸ™‚

  2. Deja vu. Sitting here in SoCal contemplating a way to make it through this winter so I can get back on the trail which I had to leave at Tuolumne Meadows this year. Still a few miles & states to cover. I recall meeting you at HH and the mini concert by the piano tuner in the trailer … nice. Reading your blog is great therapy. Can feel my hiking juju percolating. Thanks for the memories to Yosemite and the trail tales to the north. ADL

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