Day 18: poodle dog bush day

May 12
Mileage 35
Mile 395 to mile 430.5

Today I did a thirty-five mile day. That is all.

But also! There was poodle dog bush, a long roadwalk on a detour, eating skittles and caffeinated GU, talking about Game of Thrones as the sun set. Going from up high ponderosa forest down to baking desert, back up to forest again. A creepy burned out prison camp way up at the top, and in the distance the tiny, hazy skyscrapers of LA.

What a crazy world we live in.

The Saufley’s tomorrow!

Trail gossip: NotaChance is hiking all the 24 year-old boys to their deaths. They try and keep up with her with their heavy packs, because they feel like they should be able to. But they can’t! Today, when most of us did 35, NotaChance did 41. My hero! She is an inspiration to us all.

Photos on instagram.

5 thoughts on “Day 18: poodle dog bush day

  1. wow. wow. I’m amazed you can see LA from the PCT, and that you have hiked from Mexico to where you can do that, and so quickly! You are very inspiring, Carrot Quinn.

  2. looked like notachance was smoking a cigarette in one of your pics (I’d comment on the pic but don’t have an Instagram account . . . only ppl with smartphones can get an account.)

  3. I was also impressed by the cigarette. After 41 miles. Badass. The ex-smoker in me salutes her! I always contended that if you exercise enough and lead an active lifestyle that it’s OK to smoke. That theory held for 40 years for me. For that matter I no longer eat potatoes either. Well, I live vicariously through Carrot’s blog:)

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