Day 6: would you rather

April 30
Mileage 25
Mile 115 to mile140

Today I was walking through the desert with TwinkleToes and McButter. The sun was directly overhead, the air was hot and still with the occasional burst of dry, irritating wind. My feet were on fire- stuffed like swollen stumps into my dusty shoes, aching with heat and the cumulative blisters of the first 140 miles of desert hiking. I hobbled down the trail, one foot in front of the other. Twinkletoes and McButter hobbled in front of me. I needed to eat, but I was too naseous from the heat. I had just a few gulps of water left and it was six miles to the next cistern, a concrete hole in the ground. There was no shade anywhere.

“Would you rather,” I said to Twinkletoes and McButter, as a blast of dry wind rocked the creosote bushes. “Would you rather be stuck in rush hour traffic, in the heat, in a car with no air conditioning- or walk the next six miles.”

“Walk the next six miles,” They said in unison. And that about sums it up.

Pictures on my instagram.

4 thoughts on “Day 6: would you rather

  1. Did you make it? Long way to go in the desert without water. My biggest fear is not packing enough water. I have no idea how much to carry so I will probably carry too much.

  2. Can you even imagine your life if you were not the long distance hiker you ARE?
    Young lady you are the true essence of a thru hiker. You light up this dim world girl! I read all these ppl trying to express themselves and then I read you. I save yours until like a fat kid with a Twinkie I can’t resist and read it! I’m a little lower when it’s done and I have to wait for your next post.

    Lol I read all the others in bed to exhaust me and put me out like an ambien!
    Keep going girl! Btw, how are you liking the desert now? It’s hotter than Africa!

  3. Dearest Carrot, you look super pretty with long hair. Wish I was out there with you. love and miss you (stay safe and happy trails) – Spark
    p.s. eat all the fritos

  4. A girl after my own heart, Of course you would rather hike in the sun you are a true hiker, I see the soul of a hiker when I read your words. thank you

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