anatomy of a resupply box


Clockwise from jerky: flattened dried bananas, tea/emergen-c/electrolytes, fish oil, multivitamin, rice krispie treat, cocaine (jk it’s magnesium powder), chocolate protein powder, gf oreos, chia seeds, banana chips, prunes, bars, nutz, dried peas, dried spinach, raisins, granola #1, granola #2, dried split pea soup (alternates with dried refried beans and dried curried lentil soup), more bars, almonds in the middle. To purchase in town: chips, chips, chips, and whatever else seems edible and gluten/dairy/soy free

8 thoughts on “anatomy of a resupply box

  1. Aghhhh.. I have no idea yet what I will be putting in my resupply boxes. It constantly weighs on my mind. Unfortunately, many of your selections wouldn’t work for me, though they look interesting. Mountain House, here I come… 🙂

  2. Louis- I can’t eat trader joe’s dried mango since I threw it up on the PCT last year, unfortunately
    Doug- This is for a hundred miles and will be supplemented with lots o’ chips from the store

  3. Oh I love your posts I always get a laugh out loud! Thank you. I also like the colourful blanket. I’m intrigued by the dried spinach – do you dry it yourself?

  4. Uh Oh I just read your other posts about food and yes, you do dehydrate it yourself. Sorry I’ll do my homework before asking premature questions again. Best of luck on your hike!

  5. Hook me up with some of your resupply info if you get a minute–I’d love to send you some homemade goodness!

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