wherein the convoluted tornado of chaos resolves itself into something resembling a shape

I’ve been carrying around this wild tornado of space-time all hacked up into bits, organized on to-do lists but not existing, yet, the future a mighty weight dependent on my own minute-by-minute choices and the organizational capabilities of my own damn brain. Now the future has a shape, it fills out space-time in a voluminous way, fluttering in the breeze and I can climb up onto it, jump up and down like I’m in a bouncy castle, unload my hopes and dreams and fears there.

What I’m trying to say is that I finally know what I’m going to wear on the PCT.

I also have all the contents of my resupply boxes (taking up the whole couch in my trailer) although I haven’t packed them or mailed them (yet), I’ve made all the chocolates that I owe my readers although I haven’t mailed those either (yet), I have a place to store my stuff, a flaky older couple who may or may not be interested in my van, a dog-sitter for my dog, and tomorrow is my last day at work- and then everything will happen all at once in an orderly fashion over the next five days and absolutely nothing will go wrong.

In other news, it’s spring in the Rogue Valley; the sun is bright and warm each day to the extent that my legs are getting vaguely tan and I have to plan my long uphill runs to take place in the morning so that neither I nor my dog gets heatstroke. I hope that all this running uphill will help me be strong/go fast on the PCT- I’m trying much harder this year to train/be prepared but of course there is no way of knowing/no way to actually prepare for a thru-hike other than thru-hiking. I have been trail running enough this winter, however, that I have a few calluses on my feet, and that seems promising. Still, there are so many unknowns- the only thing I know for sure is my own determination and my personal capacity for suffering, which is large, except for when it comes to hiking in the freezing rain, which I am never, ever going to do again, unless I have a double-wall tent and a hundred layers of fleece and wool, which sounds heavy.

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Look at this happy picture! Do you see that precious treasure in the bottom left? She’s like the sweet middle part of a cinnamon roll. That’s what we do- she curls into a small circle on the bed and I curl around her and say, “I’m the cinnamon roll and you’re the middle part of the cinnamon roll!” I’m going to miss her painfully. She’s actually part of my physical body. True fact!



4 thoughts on “wherein the convoluted tornado of chaos resolves itself into something resembling a shape

  1. Love the photo!

    You go, girl! I haven’t supported you on this hike in the ways you’ve suggested, but like last year, I’ll have your back if you get in a pinch.

    I’m also “once bitten, twice shy” about cold rain after my experience in the Olympics. It’s good to know you will be better prepared this year.

    One year and two days until my thru-hike! Starting to get real…

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip. Have a great time!

  2. Carrot Quinn I love you words! I just cannot wait until you start this trudge.
    As for your creatures, IT IS my personal dilemma. I simply do not know what I will do next year away from my boys for 5 months!
    Be well and hurry up!

  3. Wish I knew what I was going to wear.. Guess the pressure of the looming start date forces resolution on many decisions. Looks like you have a lot of balls in the air. Soon, all will be calm. 🙂

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