5 thoughts on “Day 76: Tahoe No Bueno

  1. Part of the fun is following your blog on google maps and reconnecting with places I’ve been before. I’ve been to South Lake Tahoe once, and I went to a killer mexican restaurant there three times while visiting. Next door to your motel room. I loved the food and salsa bar while there. Looks like you enjoyed it too. Hike on.

  2. I don’t get it. If you don’t “blog” (write??) while on the trail, how do you reconstruct each post to include all the details of that day? Notes? Good memory? Fake it? Keep rockin!!

  3. Jessica, I’ve also wondered how she works in so much detail, as well as the sheer logistics of it all at that most basic level. I’ve assumed it’s trail magic. Each night, Packer Elves descend on her phone and type up the blogs, awaiting only her approval.

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