Mt. Shasta!

I’m in a tiny, noisy motel room in Mt. Shasta, mile 1506, where yesterday there was a thunderstorm and a DOUBLE RAINBOW. I’m doing my first zero here since Lake Tahoe, three weeks ago- I was trying to go until Ashland without stopping but then my body was like um, no. I got in yesterday afternoon five minutes before the post office closed for the weekend, put on my new shoes (!!!!), did my laundry, ate some strawberries with hiker friends in the lot behind the gear store, and then crashed in my motel room while everyone went to watch Wolverine 3D. Then I woke up at 4:30 a.m. (why is town so noisy?) and I’m gonna blog until my friends wake up and we can go get breakfast. I don’t hike out until tomorrow, and I’m excited to embark on my second 24 HOUR BLOG CHALLENGE- how many posts can I write in 24 hours? Can I break my previous record of 7 (or was it 9?), from Mojave? Let’s find out!


2 thoughts on “Mt. Shasta!

  1. Aaahhh! I come home from a backpacking trip and my reader is full of new posts from Carrot that I can enjoy with my coffee. Life is wunderbar!

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