2 thoughts on “Day 37: Hikertown and crossing the Mojave on the Los Angeles Aquaduct

  1. Hi Carrot! Thanks so much for going to all the trouble of writing this….quite an effort. I can just say that it really makes my day when you post a new entry. Imagine how all us eager followers felt when we got multiple doses today!

    Also, thanks for posting some comments about the G4. I actually made one for myself out of a kit that I bought online. You can imagine the lifted eyebrows I saw when I asked around to borrow a sewing machine. Ha! Anyway, I haven’t used it yet and I figured that it might be uncomfortable for heavier loads, and you confirmed it. I still want to use it, but I’ll restrict it to shorter, lighter trips. Looking forward to comments about the Mariposa.

    People all over the PCT are getting sick just like you did, mostly behind you. So, the cause probably wasn’t the freeze dried beef; that was just what your gut objected to most while you were stricken. You may never get over your new food aversion though…

    Just a few more days to Kennedy Meadows…can’t wait to read the entries from the Sierras…


  2. Hey, Carrot. Dirty Girl Chrissy told me about your blog. I like it and can’t imagine how you write so much from the trail. Will also check out your train memoir.

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