4 thoughts on “Day 36: magic water and the calm before the storm

  1. It’s such a treat to get to read so many days at one time. I’m really enjoying your trip and your telling of it. Your friend in Alabama, Katherine

  2. You paint such fine pictures with your words, Carrot! Like Alabama Katherine, I’m enjoying your trip and the way you tell it. I feel especially the long stretches of hiking alone. I hike alone quite a lot. Sometimes a parasitic song will lay claim to my thoughts and not let go. And sometimes there’s just emptiness. That’s best of all, when listening happens. Happy trails to you, from your Oregon friend, Nancy. Oh, and PS – I live in Ashland and expect you might have a resupply box coming there in July or August. If I’m not backpacking myself, I’ll drive up and meet you at the trail and give you a ride into town if you need it.

  3. Loved the catch-up! Today we read four or five days of journal. Enjoying the pics – especially some closer ones. Here come the majestic mountains, our favorite section! So many different and varied experiences – never gets boring. You have a talent. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Nancy is right: You do paint such pictures with your words. You’ll laugh, but I’m reminded of Jack London or Earnest Hemingway–lean prose that communicates so much more than wordier stuff.

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