15 thoughts on “Day 38: Get me the f*ck off this mountain

  1. This is one of the best if not the best PCT journal I have read. It is like being there. Thank you for writing it.

  2. I agree with Packrat! I have a sort of irrational fear of wind when I am hiking. We get high winds around here sometimes and I have a terrible time when I am caught out in them. I hate it when it blows so hard you can’t talk or think or stop or breathe. I’m so glad you made it to the motel so you could have a quiet bed for the night – out of the wind!!! I will remember your description next time I am on a mountaintop in the wind BAM BAM BAM!

  3. This post made me remember that Mojave wind so clearly. . . I remember coming around bend after bend in the PCT, seeing more windmills up ahead, thinking again and again, “Shit, that means it is still windy up there, too.” I have never been so angry at my backpack straps (for whacking me in the face over and over).

  4. You don’t know me. I don’t know you.
    You are my hero.
    You are my inspiration.
    You are my hope.
    You are not alone.

  5. Carrot! I am so glad you are updating again. I get worried when you don’t post for a few days. This wind sounds terrible – I’m so glad you made it to the motel OK. You are strong and amazing! You’ve got lots of followers thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way all the time ❤

  6. such a metaphor for life, this journe of yours. and not even always a metaphor as Moore, OK witnessed last week with their terrible tornado. “It’s not in the end what happens to you that makes the big difference. It’s what you make of what happens to you, how you frame it and whether or not you go under with it or feel you can pull up from it.” Ken Robinson. Thx for pulling up for all of us, Carrot. God speed.

  7. Your story just keeps getting better. The roller coaster just keeps rolling. Wishing you higher highs and fewer lows!

  8. I can relate. Almost got blown out of the Guadalupe Mountains 2 weekends ago. The winds came down the canyon (Bush Mountain campsite) in waves. It sounded like a train coming, rocked the trees, shook the ground, the left like a train. A few seconds later you could hear the next one coming… Luckily my Tarptent Sublite held strong!

  9. Carrot you bring back so many memories for me. I was knock to my knees many times crossing that area. Certainly, one of the most challenging ones for me. I’m enjoying reading your updates very much.

  10. Keep at it. It does appear you need some personal interaction. Hook up with your friends soon. Have some laughs and commiseration. Do this soon to pick yourself up and regroup, literally and figuratively. To the mountains.

  11. Do you know the work of May Swenson? I think that you’d really like her. “…not to need illusion, to dare to see and say how things really are is the emancipation I would like to attain.” (May Swenson in a letter to Elizabeth Bishop) Look up the NPR “Writers Almanac” podcast from 28 May 2013 for an interesting piece about May (on her birthday). How’s the trekking pole thing going?

  12. I am really liking your blog posts, you have great writing talent. All the best in the rest of your journey!

  13. i love you my dear carrot. i am marveling at this internet age where you can share your stories and have all this support. i am so glad for it. you are even getting me, your old pal, anti-technology Luddite addicted to checking up on you. i’m always gald to know you are safe and always love the way you tell about it. xo

  14. Have been reading from day one and just got to here. My god what a day! Your write so well, I almost feel windswept in my cozy house reading this! I am amazed.

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