2 thoughts on “Day 35: Loneliness and other questions that have no answers

  1. Hi Carrot! Reading your blog posts from Juneau, Alaska. I just wanted to thank you for writing those of us who can’t get away this year for whatever reason. It is really exciting to be able to sort of experience the trail along with you. I have a hard time compromising (especially in the outdoors) for other people too. Sometimes I remind myself that I am out there to enjoy their company and other times I remind myself that I am out on the trail to test my limits and spend quality time with myself. Sometimes I am just grumpy about it. πŸ™‚ Glad you’re catching up on the blog posts!

  2. “β€œThe trail is just not what I expected,” he says.”. I suspect that is true for everyone on the PCT.
    Continued best wishes on your hike.

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