Shack pictures to warm your heart

A friend's shack in the mountains of western North Carolina. She built it herself. The adventures continue. Cold winter, warm woodstove, a fat spotted puppy, and getting ready for a musical show.Gabo practices Coffee and teaGabo gets ready to play a show with her band, Old HorseyDo you see the fucking puppy?


Friends- I have for you another rhyming, fantastical tale, written several years ago in the fall, back in the murky era before this blog- a sort of land before time, made up of dog-eared warm xeroxed pages and a large funnel that went straight from my wallet-pocket into the copy machines at kinko's. An old … Continue reading Turducken

No Comment?

Friends, strangers, the curious-as the little counter at the bottom of this page spins faster and faster, I wonder-why no comments?Am I posting too much, too fast? Not enough time to mull it over? If you saw me today and said, a little sheepishly, "Hey, I read your blog!" then you are now required to … Continue reading No Comment?

Madge’s List

A pond to swim inwoodsgood growing light for plantsgood house light to live ingreen house housekittenshorse riding and working horses(Freasians?)Hunderwasser buildingsgood soil for foodshay and animal feed growinggoatschickenscheese and bread makinggrowing grains and cornpigs and sausagesherbs, orchard, fruitskiwis, berries, veg, nutswell or spring waterwater mill energyneighbors (good ones)kidsold friends (over 60)friends working togetherWWOOFERSSaunahot tub (fire … Continue reading Madge’s List