8 thoughts on “Shack pictures to warm your heart

  1. Beautiful Pictures Ms Carrot. Do you know about all the queerness happening in central tennessee south east of nashville???? I hope you stop there to see it for yourself. IDA and/or SMS may well rock your world. The gayborhood is fabulous. Of course, growing weary with queerness, they might turn you straight. šŸ™‚

  2. Whose pupp? don’t tell me it’s gabo’s…

    these pictures are so wonderful! you’re really good!


    ps: i gave her that tea kettle!

  3. There were too many coincidences here for me not to leave a comment. I noticed you left a comment on Penny Scout’s blog (that’s how I got to this page), and I remembered that my friend Shea Scribner mentioned she knew someone named Carrot who had a travel blog. I’m guessing that’s you. And the poster in the first photo that says “resist” with the dandelions is from the Bread and Puppet Theater in Glover, Vermont, about half an hour away from where I go to college. So, hello. I’m Joanna.

  4. what an awesome looking place. if you’re ever tramping around europe, you should come to my gypsy shoe/shack/caravan/trailer/red house with the best wood stove EVER and we can trade zines.

    speaking of which, i owe you a zine in trade i believe, and i finally have one finished. you have an address these days?

  5. my sister found your blog, and put a little of it (about privilege) up on ours. giving you credit, of course.

    these photos look warm and wonderful. also wanted to say i love the RESIST poster, because dandelions can grow through capitalism’s sidewalks.

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