WiFi Is Bad For You

No, Seriously. Ever since reading this article in the March issue of The Ecologist, I can’t stop thinking about electromagnetic radiation and how it effects us. It’s a terrifying and fascinating subject to ponder, because not only is this technology very new and fairly un-regulated, but it’s becoming so widespread that it’s almost impossible to escape it. There aren’t many places you can go these days, aside from the middle of a cornfield or deep in the woods (and even at my last job in the woods, we had satellite Wifi) where you aren’t being constantly radiated with these pulsing electromagnetic beams. And the crazy thing is, half the time the technology is entirely unnecessary! It’s not the internet that’s radiating you, it’s the wireless technology! All one has to do to eliminate electromagnetic radiation from their school, home, or business, is switch back to wired internet! You can still have the same high-speed youtube bullshit, alone in your dark bedroom, just run a wire down the hallway!

Here’s the deal. Having a wireless router in your home, (or for that matter, being in range or your neighbor’s router) is basically the same as holding a turned-on cellphone up next to your head, 24 hours a day. While you sleep, while you eat, while you shower, always. And that exposure leads to all sorts of well-documented, if frequently unpublished, side-effects. For example- (these studies pulled from the Ecologist article, down near the bottom)


All studies listed below have found adverse health effects from microwaves at levels similar to those emitted by Wi-Fi equipment:

Santini et al, 2002: 530 people living near mobile phone masts reported more symptoms of headache, sleep disturbance, discomfort, irritability, depression, memory loss and concentration problems the closer they lived to the mast.

Oberfeld et al, 2004: 97 people living near mobile phone masts reported more symptoms of fatigue, irritability, headaches, nausea, loss of memory, visual disorder, dizziness and cardiovascular problems the higher their level of microwave exposure.

Eger et al, 2004: A three-fold increase in the incidence of malignant tumours was found after five years’ exposure in people living 400 metres from a mobile phone mast.

Wolf & Wolf, 2004: A four-fold increase in the incidence of cancer among residents living near a mobile phone mast for between three and seven years was detected.

REFLEX, 2004: A four-year study on human cells found that, after exposure to lowpower microwaves, they showed signs of DN A damage and mutations that were passed on to the next generation.

Abdel-Rassoul, 2007: Residents living beneath and opposite a long-established mobile phone mast in Egypt reported significantly higher occurrences of headaches, memory changes, dizziness, tremors, depressive symptoms and sleep disturbance than a control group.

Bortkiewicz et al, 2004: Residents close to mobile phone masts reported more incidences of circulatory problems, sleep disturbances, irritability, depression, blurred vision and concentration difficulties the nearer they lived to the mast.

Hutter et al, 2006: 365 people living near mobile phone masts reported higher incidences of headaches the closer they lived to the masts.

Stewart report, 2000: Research conducted by HPA chief William Stewart advised the main beam of a mobile phone mast should not be allowed to fall on any part of a school’s grounds.

Hecht & Balzer, 1997: A huge review of studies concluded a vast array of health effects, including insomnia, brainwave changes, cardiovascular problems and increased susceptibility to infections.

Carpenter & Sage, 2007: Concluded that an maximum outdoor exposure limit of 0.6 V/ m should be set, and that Wi-Fi systems should be replaced with wired alternatives.

ECOLOG-Institut, 2000: Found evidence for increases in immune and central nervous system damage, and reduced cognitive function. Recommended an exposure limit 1,000 times lower than current guidelines.

Kolodynski & Kolodynska, 1999: School children living near a radio location station in Latvia suffered reduced motor function, memory and attention spans.


I know it’s really long, but you folks should read the whole article. It’s fucking intense. And in the meantime, if you’re not the type to trust ‘studies’ and online articles for this type of information, how about listening to what your own body has to say-

The Carrot Quinn “Sit With Your Wireless Router” Experiment

-First, go for a walk. Get some nice fresh air. If you can, go to someplace that feels like the country, like along a river or through a forest. Take nice deep breaths. How do you feel? Do you feel anxious? Nervous? Grounded? At peace?

-Next, go home. When you walk in the door, take a few deep breaths and check in with yourself again. How do you feel now? What are your thoughts doing? How does your heart feel (like, is it racing?)

-Now, pull up a chair and sit as close to your wireless router as possible. Just take a seat. Close your eyes. Sit there for a few minutes. How do you feel now? What are you thinking about? What is your heart doing? If you have metal fillings in your teeth, how do they feel? How does your head feel, right behind your eyes?

Seriously people. I’d love your feedback on this, if any of you actually do it. Extra points if you live in the boonies and have satellite wifi. We had one of those satellite routers at my last job, and that shit was CRAZY. I actually showed it to one of the camp interns once, pulled her into the dark closet where the router was kept.

Do you feel it? I asked. Do you feel it?

Yeah, she said. Yeah.

6 thoughts on “WiFi Is Bad For You

  1. You’re right. It’s been getting worse for me over the last two years, and to give up technology would an unthinkable undertaking at this point…but right now I don’t know what else to do. I just moved from an area where I thought it was allergies that made the wireless give me intense headaches and phlegm beyond my wildest dreams, only to move into an apartment to find out that now it’s actually the seven satellite connections within my range that are causing it. There’s no eacape. No matter where I go in my apartment I hear the sound in my head of frying bacon. After hard wiring everything and wrapping my cords with ferrite magnets and copper wire to douse the extra electricity that now plagues me, I realize that the only way I can be online to work, go to school, and talk to my friends is if I clasp a copper wire between my teeth with a ferrite magnet on the end of it. Am I grounding my metal fillings? Is that the culprit? I don’t know what to do. I’m at a complete loss.

  2. Oh no! That sounds terrible! I’m so sorry! I’m not as sensitive as that, but alot of people are. Is there a support group of electricity-sensitive people in your area, that you could join? Maybe you should start one? You can find other people in online forums. It sounds like you need other folks who share the same experiences as you, to talk with and brainstorm (no pun intended) solutions. And if you do get your amalgam fillings removed, remember to get them removed the correct way! Find a dentist who really cares about mercury exposure! Most dentists, apparently, will remove them wrong, exposing you (and them) to toxic loads of mercury in the process. Take care!

  3. when my job decided to get wifi installed we got an email letting us know that there was absolutely no proof that wifi is bad for you and that if customers came up and were concerned about the health-risks, we should tell them that there are none:(
    of course, i never do what they tell me to do.

  4. Thank you for talking about this. I had a wireless access point put very close to my cubical at work about 7 months ago… I started (and still do) have headaches, on the side of my head facing the access point. I just asked my manager to remove the access point… I understand how we are always close to wifi, at work, at home, in coffee shops, but sitting 4 feet away from an access point CANNOT be good for anyone!
    I wonder when or if ever this info will become accepted publicly ? everybody uses cell phones assuming that they are safe because we assume that if the government has not banned them they cannot do too much harm..
    I am an IT professional thinking (partially) about changing my career due to high exposure wifi.

  5. Last year I thought that there was carbon monoxide in my apartment. I had headaches and trouble focusing my eyes, jittery/ticklish sensations in my joints and skin. Most of all I was completely unable to concentrate or hold a conversation. If I left the house I was fine.

    It turned out to the be wireless. I read a post like this and thought “no way is this possible.” But after turning off our wireless router it was instantaneously better.

    I still didn’t believe it so I went in the kitchen and had my wife turn it on and off randomly. I could yell to her “on” or “off” with 100% accuracy. We joked about doing it as a party trick.

    After leaving it off I was fine and didn’t really think much of it. But we just moved into a new place (which we bought) and now I am really in trouble. This building has 30+ wifi networks and it’s almost unbearable. My teeth hurt and I am dizzy and almost unable to keep track of what I am doing. I feel like I’m senile or demented.

    Again, if I leave the house I am fine. I tried going to Microcenter (a BIG computer store here in Chicago) to look for alternates to wireless that I could offer my neighbors. It looks like “PowerLine” networking might work. It lets you turn your electrical outlets into a big ethernet network. So my Xmas present to myself if buying those for my neighbors. Cheaper than moving!

    To everyone that is finding themselves affected by this, you have my sympathy. I hope that we can find out more by sharing experiences and tips…

  6. Oh my god. Think it might be happening to me. I was fine until recently when my landlords moved their router to downstairs. In order to get a decent signal I bought a wifi repeater which was great. Had a much better signal than I had before… but… I’ve been getting massive headaches, constantly feel dizzy and my teeth ache something chronic. I just thought I’d look it up on the Internet tonight, because its driving me crazy and found this. It’s true, when I’m at work my teeth don’t ache. We have wifi at work, but no routers near where I work. Think I may have to experiment with doing without it for a while. Only problem is I use an iPad which can’t be hard wired. Suppose ill have to decide which is more important, my health or the Internet! Sad, but that’s actually a tough call! I live on my own and spend a lot of time on the Internet, but I am sick of the pain.

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