Day 156: Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart

September 23
Mileage 20
Mile 2648 to mile 2668



Le tent. Photo by Ramen


Photo by Ramen


Fake it til you make it


The pass. Photo by Ramen


Photo by Ramen


Photo by Ramen


Photo by Ramen


Instigate, Spark, Yours Truly, Raho, Lotus, Hermes

Manning park lodge

Instigate and Spark on the last morning. (Photo by Scrub.)

Instigate and Spark on the last morning. (Photo by Scrub.)


Instigate Sleeping Beauty Brrrrcold


Sparkle Toes


Yours truly.

22 thoughts on “Day 156: Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart

  1. Oh Carrot, it has been so nice to follow you and your beautiful friends along your entire hike. I know that the story isn’t over yet but still am feeling at least a fraction of your sorrow for having completed the trail. Thank you so much for the intense dedication it must have taken to keep on keepin’ on with your writing.

  2. Oh, it’s over. 😦

    Beautiful work. I loved this post especially. It, whatever “it” becomes, will break your heart, again and again. And you will love it more for that, again and again.

    The question is, when are you going to compile all of this into a book? I hope soon, as I would love to purchase a compilation of all of your PCT posts.

  3. I came late to the scene but enjoyed every post. What an epic adventure you had. Thanks for sharing with those of us who think we can’t, but just might be able to after all.

  4. From the moment you start hiking fast,I cried through the rest of this post. Woah. I met you shortly after this. No wonder it was…. well, yeah, you know. I had no idea what you’d just gone through…your last 6 months were like a riddle to me until i started reading your blog. ❤

  5. Been following your posts since southern cal. while my wife is sitting watching her cheezy soap opera on the couch via an ipad i regret purchasing. I would be relaxing reading your incredible story unfold wishing I had the knowledge, courage, strength and time off to do that hike. For now it will just have to be section hiking. Your blog has inspired me to continue getting out there and pushing to see how many miles I can do. I am sorry to have it come to an end. Thank you!!!!!!! very much for sharing your adventure!

  6. Did you ever run into or see much wildlife during Wa? While hiking the PCT and other areas around snoqualmie and stevens pass, I’ve run into some fairly large black bears.

  7. Carrot, thank you so much for sharing with us your epic journey. I have enjoyed your humor, sense of irony, vulnerability and courage. Keep writing, great things are in store for you.

  8. Carrot, this post made me cry! I’ve been following your writing for a few years now, but your PCT chronicles brought my love of your words to a whole new level. Keep the fire burning, you beautiful soul!! xx

  9. Hey Carrot. Thanks for taking the time to post your experience on the PCT. I was at first disappointed that you stopped posting mid-hike, but was relieved when you began posting again post-hike. I looked forward to your posts each evening. I now feel empty as I need more posts. Please do the CDT so this can resume. I plan to do the PCT this year. I wish I could blog with your panache, but I’ll do my best. Take care. BTW, I’ll buy your book if you publish.
    Bill (

  10. Bravo Carrot, what an epic finish to your grand and bold adventure. The snow added some very real drama but thankfully you were able to persevere and finish the trail.

    I too was disappointed at first when you stopped posting from the trail but the fact is your writing has been even more muscular and meatier since you’ve been able to attend to it full time and after the fact. The book is going to be great!

  11. Carrot,

    But, what will become of us, desperate readers who are grasping at every last word and hoping there is more to read. I have no words to express what reading your blog meant. I too was crying through this entry. Crying because your words stirred emotions. Crying because I was happy for you. Crying from relief, anxiety and grief. Crying selfishly because that was the end of Carrot Quinn’s PCT hike and now I have to wait until you publish your book or hike the CDT to read more. Just beautiful. I don’t know you, but I sure do think the world of you.

  12. Thank you. Thank you for taking us on this journey. Thank you for your beautiful writing. Thank you for your spirit and endless sense of adventure. I’ve never posted a comment, but I’ve been following your journey almost from the beginning when I saw what appeared to be an interesting blog link on Jill Homer’s site. It’s been more than interesting, I’ve been riveted, addicted. I look forward to your book. If you ever get to MN, we have a short, but challenging and very, very beautiful trail up here called the Superior Hiking Trail.

  13. I believe you posted a link to your blog about a month ago on a PCT Facebook group and that’s how I ended up here. I followed the link and began chronologically binge-reading your posts night after night as my new bedtime ritual. I also read most comments and the affect you had on readers, like myself, was stunning. I just finished, just now and I’m in awe of you. I had to think of the right word, but “awe” is perfect. You were so open, honest, raw and real that it kept me coming back for more. Questions were answered, stories were validated and lessons were taught. I wanted to comment something to show you appreciation for the time put in to your writing and the great deal of hours served. Kudos to you and I wish you nothing but the best! 😀

  14. Thank you for this amazing story. I stumbled across your blog a week ago, caught up to your current post on your 2014 hike and then went back and binge-read your whole 2013 hike.mI’m rooting for you. Your writing is like an addiction for me. If you write a book I will buy it. I will buy ten copies and give them to my friends. Please don’t stop writing. Please don’t stop adventuring.

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