I made you this weird video that has nothing to do with anything

This evening I was sitting in front of my computer, trying to get myself to write, and I couldn’t, so I made this video instead. At first I thought it was embarrassing but then I kind of liked it. My cabin looks like a church in the evenings on account of all the candles. I thought I wouldn’t like living without electricity but… it’s kind of wonderful. Of course it helps that there’s a building on the land that DOES have electricity, so I can come here and upload blogs and charge my computer.

The trail is almost over (again), but don’t be sad. I have A LOT of posts I want to write about post-trail re-integration, which was really brutal for a while there, and also about my monastic life in the hillz of southern Oregon. And then eventually the book version of my PCT stories will be finished, and it will be even better!!

Oh and the little notebook is my journal from the trail.

The song is the band Low covering “stay” by Rihanna.

9 thoughts on “I made you this weird video that has nothing to do with anything

  1. Ah Carrot, not embarrassing and not really weird, it has feeling and some magic, great vocal…. love the candles, especially the salt one πŸ™‚ -fred-

  2. I am really interested in the post-trail re-integration posts, I keep hearing about this on every blog about the trail but nobody can seem to put it into words that are not strings of “bad.. lonely.. empty…” and that is about as far as anyone knows who has not experienced post-trail life. I assume there must be a reason for this, I have high hopes you can shine a light on what this is all about. πŸ™‚

  3. Low is a fabulous band. ‘The Great Destroyer’ is a favorite album. It blew my mind to hear them covering top 40. Careful you don’t burn the house down with your shenanigans, Carrot. πŸ˜‰

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure! My son hiked the trail this summer, and I found your blog while I was trying to envision what he was experiencing. It’s been fun being able to read it through December and imagine you were still out there… You are a wonderful writer and I wish you lots of success and satisfaction in your next endeavors.

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