3 thoughts on “Day 53: Kearsarge pass and Lone Pine

  1. I love Lone Pine. In fact the Alabama Hills just outside of town (on the road to Whitney Portal) has been a movie location for hundreds of films for decades now, including Gladiator and Django Unchained in the recent years. The Hills are an area of huge jumbled granite boulder maze like formations, a great boondocking spot as you can camp for free in them and in summer they used to project some of the classic films shot there amongst and onto the rocks. Once you are familiar with the Alabama hills you will recognize them in films and TV shows forever after!

  2. Carrot! I can’t stand it. I am so inspired, entertained? Enthraled? By your blog since I discovered it through the PCT Reader about a week ago. I’ve told my Facebook friends that I’ve locked myself in blog-reading seclusion until I’m finished and don’t expect to hear from me!

  3. Carrot, maybe you did not drive through the Death Valley but through Owens (River) Valley? I spend a week in Lone Pine two years ago in March and learned the sad history of the City of LA sucking all the water out of this valley, turning a blooming fruit orchard into a desert… Love to read your blog very much!!! GoWest

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