8 thoughts on “Day 52: Forester Pass of Magic

  1. Once you hit the Sierras you should not worry about purifying the water unless you are near cows or other animals. The biggest danger in getting stomach bugs is from sharing gorp or other food with fellow hikers and not from drinking the water that runs down from the mountains. Actually the lake water is purer than the rivers because of the UV exposure. When I did the PCT, I never filtered or purified the water from Kennedy Meadows to Manning Park and never had a problem. It is really a liberating feeling drinking straight from the creeks along the sides of the trails.

  2. I so love that you have the courage to do this on your own and make it your own thing. The camaraderie is also something that I love reading about…I am jealous of such pure friendships that you are finding. But the courage to also walk alone is an amazing thing.
    I live vicariously.

  3. “Why can’t I feel like this every day? Why is life set up this way?” Good questions, worth pondering.

    My ultimate life question, what I have asked myself constantly for decades now, is this: what is there worth doing?

    You certainly answered that one!

  4. I went into my email to find three new posts from you! It was like Christmas! Thank you for sharing this amazing experience. ~Denise

  5. Beautiful writing! Great photos. We, too, were awed by Forrest Pass. My wife says that narrow ledge on the south side of the pass is scary. We got caught in a snowstorm at Center Basin in October nd hiked across Kersarge pass sopping wet and hypothermic.

  6. Thanks for the gifts. New posts! In the Sierras! Pictures! I get a beer, put on my favorite music, and settle in for a good read. This post was one of my favorites. I followed a hilarious PCT blogger last year and thought it was a one of a kind experience. I stumbled onto your blog in April and thought I’d give it a try. Never looked further. Thanks again Carrot.

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