5 thoughts on “Day 42: Heat waves- of joy.

  1. Glad you’re back & safe. Love your words. Especially the part on reading poems & stories in the desert night. The small details make your posts daily habit

  2. Must tell her – especially what you like – the parts you like best – then you might get more.
    I like the little stories and the feelings – makes me feel like I’m there.

  3. Having read posts from last years thru-hikers, I felt guilty reading about you heading into this section. I feel like a Roman noble watching gladiators struggle for life in the coliseum below. I’m sorry for the heat and lack of shade and water. The Sierras are near. The Mojave loses in the end.

    The start of the trail at the Mexico border seems arbitrary. Why not start at Kennedy meadows?

  4. carrot! i am just now getting to read about your epic journey…wow. i’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so it is my bedtime story, and sometimes my good morning story. i am so inspired, so impressed, and as always, so grateful that you are putting it all out there for us to read.

    in kentucky it is humid, and it rained so hard last week that the river almost flooded our town, but we were spared. the creek was too high to go tubing, so we all went to the movies on july 4th instead.

    one other thing – i also read that story about mangus and the woman (are you from detroit?) aloud, to my grandmother in panama. i had to stop when it got sexy and just summarize the ending. i have read it over and over.



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