6 thoughts on “Day 43: no water anywhere and then, everything

  1. I’m relying on you making it for the 2650 miles so that I can continue to read your wonderful entries for another 4+ months. Oops, should I have mentioned the 4+ months?

  2. You’re back! Huzzah!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for telling your story and making the trail seem so *real* to all of us back in civilization.

  3. You’re a born storyteller: setting up the ‘plenty’ with the ‘lack’. Making it surprising, emotional and gift of grace . Grace of community, kindness, and even old dreams.

  4. Can you give us a status report on your original group of friends, Ben, Trex and Angella? Hope they are doing well. Love reading your daily posts.

  5. Love the storytelling at dusk. So primitive. At first on the trail you seemed to shy away from strangers. Now you tell them stories. Humans in a desolate place bound together by a shared experience: a story.

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