7 thoughts on “Day 16: Eat All The Things: a zero in Idyllwild

  1. I hope you feel better after your zero, it sounds like you are not having much fun on the trail. Tell us about the pretty things you are seeing in nature.

  2. Hi Carrot. I’m loving following your reports, but they leave me wondering if you have adequate warm-weather gear. The cold weather and storms are likely going to continue and sometimes be even worse as you enter the high Sierras, and it’s more remote out there. Last year, I hiked Mount Whitney on a beautiful June day where temperatures were close to 100 degrees in Lone Pine. It was in the 40s with a fierce windchill that made the air feel like it was below freezing on top of the mountain. In a storm, or even in slightly worse weather, those higher altitudes can be brutal places indeed.

    I’ve used Froggs Toggs jacket and pants for a stage trail running race. They work but they’re not great. For starters, they don’t breathe at all, so if you hike in them for very long you’re going to be wet from sweat, negating their drying properties. Also, as you mentioned the fit is much too large and they flap around, letting in rain and cold wind. Sil Nylon, eVent fabric or even gortex is really so much better. Do you have a gear fund out there? I’d be happy to contribute? 😉

    Beyond that, keep on keeping on. You’re awesome.

    • Hey Jill! People like the frogg toggs until WA because they’re light and you only get a day or two of rain those first four months. In WA I’m switching to a sturdier breathable rain jacket I have at home. So I should be ok! 🙂

  3. Anunc wrote:

    DogsDontPurr: MyGod! Thank you for directing my attention to the top of the page! On my monitor the tabs display with such FAINT white type I NEVER NOTICED THEM BEFORE! Wow! Gosh! Amazing. And now that I know, I want Carrot to experience that quintessential Burger-to-end-all-burgers! Yes. Keep on keeping on, Carrot! You R-o-c-k!

    Big Fan

  4. Re: Jill Homer’s excellent advice. It makes me think of a Mary Oliver quote in a slightly different way: “Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”
    All it takes is one life-threatening situation to make an over-the-top piece of gear your new best friend.

  5. Hey Carrot! Greetings from Portland! i’m planning a 2014 PCT hike and i found your blog in my passionate anxiety to live vicariously through the experience of those who are out there now. Great writing. great sense of humor about the shitty parts. You’ve had me laughing out loud at least 4 times in the last 2 posts.

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