11 thoughts on “Day 17th- A nero and a winter wonderland

  1. Carrot – Hiking is a roller coaster of terrain, weather, emotion, and energy. Your writings convey these ups and downs very well. Great writing and great story! You keep us coming back for more…

  2. I agree you keep us coming back for more, I love your excitement and your complaining it’s all part of the adventure,

  3. Don’t be anything but real. We’ll keep reading. Loved the photos but not as much as your words.

  4. Defeated or dark? Complaining? No, I never read that. Hiking for hundreds of miles is a simple thing to do but it is anything but easy. There is a period of adjustment that is a profound trauma to the body and a test of the spirit. That’s what I read and you nailed it. You’re on the hero’s journey…

  5. El Capitano wrote:

    Mr Le Carrot:

    What did you take those pictures with? they are tres beautifimon’t! please ell us!

  6. I have been following your travels for several years, including riding the Frieghts, that CRAZY trip to Alaska where the guy wrecked the car, etc…

    I absolutely LOVE to read your writings!

    You have me on the edge of my seat, day after day. I share your writings with my friends and every person I introduce to you is equally fascinated.

    Thank you so much for what you give to us every day! I wish safe travels to you and your PCT companions.

  7. As I read about your journey I think of what a strong person you are. I’m loving the pictures of the snow dusted path and the sky/clouds are breathtaking. A reward for all the hard work you’ve done thus far.

  8. Carrot, I am loving the trail writing! I have been following religiously from here in farm’y Montana. It’s exciting to experience a journey like yours when every day I am just doubling back over the same ground again and again. Just think when I hit mile marker Ripe Tomatoes you might be crossing into Oregon! Also we just had twin goats born here, and there names are: Loretta and little bitty! For mr. Alan Jackson’s fabulous song.

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