10 thoughts on “Day 15: Angry on the mountain and idyll idyll idyllwild

  1. I hope you loved being in Idyllwild, my hometown. I received a message today from someone you are traveling with. I’m sorry I didn’t get it in time to give you my address. I hope to see you Sunday. Happy trails (happier trails?). 🙂

    Tiffany, the trail angel.

  2. Love your blog and your style of writing. I’m from Portland and have been section hiking the PCT south in Oregon. (McKenzie Pass to Shelter Cove this year). I followed Minors blog last year. He rocked it. He turned 18 on the trail. (Thus the trail name). Keep it up!


  3. Hang in there Carrot. You are feeling the pain now, but will look back on this adventure for the rest of your life. When it is easy, anyone can do it. Your determination will be it’s own reward. I did this as a sailor, so I understand. The pain, the loneliness, the questioning, it is the initiation into a deeper awareness. Trust me….persevere and your reward will be intangible, but awesome.

  4. A quote I’m moved to send you, Carrot: “I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” –Hafez. I’m a 68-year-old backpacker in Oregon, following your blog daily, and so inspired by what you are doing, what you push through each day. Backpacking for me induces appreciation of the superlatives – the greatest pain imaginable (and its accompanying fear), imponderable beauty, heights of joy and depths of despair. But all it ever is, really, is each moment, one step at a time. Bless you on your way.

  5. Carrott
    I’m amazed that you’re not using trekking poles. Admittedly, I’m a LOT older than you, but they’ve really made a positive difference for me. If you get them both out in front of you, they make great brakes going down steep hills, and make things much easier on muscles on top of your thighs. They let your arms add a little umpf on the steep uphils. In windy conditions they can turn an exhausted unstable biped into a much more confident quadraped. They’re pretty dang helpful crossing streams on wobbly logs or stepping stones too. Finally, they make pretty good tent poles. They aren’t near as big a nuisance on the trail as you might think. You’re coming up on Big Bear, where I’d be surprised if you could not buy some. I recommend you at least consider them.


  6. “You have no idea how big my desires are, I thought.”

    On further reflection it seems to me that you were having a Zen realization, since according to that philosophy it’s desire that’s causes suffering. What an intense experience, great job!

  7. Mssr Le Carrot: Bravura! Magnifico! Mas wonderatura de las peliculas! Continuamente pore favore

  8. Hi Carrot,

    Congrats on passing 200 miles!
    I’m Thyra’s dad Brian. Does Thyra have a hiking name? I know Ben is Rocky. I don’t think Angela has one. Keep having fun and being safe!


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