Morning routine:
breakfast stimulants feed the dogs
I am too boring for hard drugs and my adrenals are too old, so in actuality I mean chocolate and decaffeinated green tea
I text with Tara about vitamin D and google the effectiveness of various anti-depressants
Wellbutrin sounds like Adderall, I say
I know and like meth too says Tara
My brain already makes too much norepinephrine, I say, I had my saliva tested once
I love to say this to people at parties. I had my saliva tested once
Yesterday I went to the farmer’s market in the rain
with an old friend who was in town and had cut off all her hair
there was a stand selling corn masa made from home-grown corn
and I saw my naturopath there, who is from Mexico City
she was the one who tested my saliva, years ago
she would press her fingers into my abdomen when I had amoebic dysentery
I wanted her to keep pressing there forever
past the staircase to her office were her children’s toys, the kitchen, the rest of the house
her mother visiting from Mexico City
that was in sellwood, where an intersection is painted like a sunflower and there is a cob kiosk with coffee that someone provides, just because