Going private update!

Gosh! I had no idea I still had so many readers. Seriously, my stat counter was way, way down. It’s heartening to know that folks are still reading.

It turns out that I can selectively password-protect posts, so that is what I will do. There are none of them yet, but those who commented on the Going Private post have been emailed the password for when they do appear. If you don’t get your password, I proly messed up your email somehow- please comment again, or if you haven’t commented yet and would like to be added, please do!

This is so reassuring. I thought for a moment I would be doomed to a closed loop of readers who fall off, one by one, and never any new ones…

So here’s to your continued readership, invisible soul!

023The squirrel invasion at Little House. Also shown: antique top, corkscrew, candlewax, cassette tape. Photo by River.

2 thoughts on “Going private update!

  1. Carrot: I don’t know if I haven’t noticed the changes to your site, but I like that you have the quick links to the train stories, traveling stories, and hitch hiking stories.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that your posts about Alaska have been the best yet. Your writing is exquisite to read. Every morning I sit at my little desk in the expansive cubicle farm, and I am able to escape for a brief period of time. Thank you!

  2. Might be that more people are reading via RSS – I know I am. You can use feedburner if you want to see those people

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