bears bears bears

Some fun facts about bears in Alaska. Of the statements below, two are false. Can you guess which ones?

A. There are 300 black bears and 60 grizzly bears living in Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city.

B. There are an estimated 30,000 brown bears (grizzlies) and 100,00-200,000 black bears in the state of Alaska.

C. In 2007, hunters killed 3,200 black bears, half of those bears going to non-residents.

D. In Anchorage, it is illegal to put your trash out on the curb before the morning of trash day.



answer: just kidding, they’re all true! ( source, source, source, source )

One thought on “bears bears bears

  1. If you ever have to run from a bear (not recommended), make sure that your bootlaces are tied. I didn’t, and it was very embearassing to fall on my face.

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