I’d been wondering how to get the word out and tell people about my blog- and then I thought, hey- why not post something on the craigslist rideshare board? And then, BAM! My blog got 243 pageloads yesterday!

Holy Moly!

I dredged that churning sea, got a bunch of nice strangers and even one friend- Hi Shea!

Thanks for reading, everybody! Your comments are incredible. Blogspot is turning out to be the single best writing motivator I have ever found. Keep reading, and I’ll try not to disappoint!

!! !! ! ! ! !!! ! Carrot

6 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Cool Blog. If you’re even in Austin and need a couch, let me know. You can check out some of me on YouTube: Martysmidlife.

    ciao and happy travels.

  2. I, like the many other commentors previously, stumbled upon your blog via craigslist rideshare (a fabulous idea, by the way) and am very intrigued.
    However, I was wondering (because I plan on reading regularly and I need a little bit of story background), if you have a final destination or if you are just going to go…? And where did you begin this adventure?
    Thanks for the entertainment and if you ever decide to visit the concrete jungle of new york city (not that I recommend that over where you’re traveling AT ALL) let me know!

  3. I actually clicked on your craigslist post because I’m also a traveler and have occasionally found road dogs on there. I like your blog, its always inspiring to hear others stories. Good luck in your travels, and I wouldn’t be surprised if our paths cross on the road one of these days!!!

  4. way to work the craigslist engine. you seem familiar….. my name’s emmit- i’m up in alaska….. did you ever live up here? travel up here? maybe you know my friend hannah (huck) corral? either way….. i’ve been spending my days with train hoppers and hobos around bonfires and beer, so your post intrigued me. nice writin’. if you need some train hopping tunes to bide the time, this is my queer-ol-jug-band
    enjoy your travels….

  5. Good thinking using Craigslist! And kudos to you for doing what you’re doing. I am jealous. I lost my crap job back in May and have been trying to travel as much as possible this summer. I’m not ready to go back to work yet however (nor is it very easy to find a job in this economy), and would love to do what you’re doing. Maybe you could give me some pointers. Do you know other people who do this as well? Any plans on making your way over to San Francisco?

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