4 thoughts on “Portland, I miss you!

  1. come back! we can get high on gluten free sugar free baked goods and scour the internet for more incriminating photos of samro in compromising femme clothing. mini skirts? pony tail? negligee lacy victorias secret thing? (shudder) or, even A THONG?
    reading your blog is delightful but it reinforces how i will NEVER RIDE A TRAIN! it sounds dirty, and painful, and scary and not very femme friendly. however, i think its wonderful you are out there seeing some sights, writing some tales.
    portland is fancy queer oasis just waiting for your return!

  2. Well Carrot Quinn,

    I can tell you that you are quite welcome to stay at my very humble abode if you ever head down here near Miami. (it’s pretty warm in the winter. jackets are definately not required. )

    Just sayin’


  3. Hey I just stumbled onto your blog. I have been trying to catch the BNSF since Weds with no luck and it will be my first train experience so its kinda nice to find a site that is making me more preped for the occasion. Also there are queers in Portland because if so I have been here 2 weeks without finding them. me inabilty to find queers is making me home sick for west philly.

    Oh I my name is Heather.

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