The Hole

There’s a hole in my mouth, a bottomless portal, that leads I do not know where. The dentist opened it up with his subtle knife and neglected to close it up again, and now I am stuck with this swirling vortex in my jaw, which turns round and round and sucks in food particles, if I am not careful to chew on my left side and to eat only blended foods.

Where does it go? What Is It For? What sort of worlds lie on the other side of that dark portal?

It’s annoying and I wish it had been closed properly. What to do? Will I have to go see the magician/dentist again?

Dentists are not like you or I. They have magical powers over pain and torture and infection. And also over portals to alternate universes.

Who am I, to have a portal opened in my mouth?

3 thoughts on “The Hole

  1. Woah. A hole in your mouth? Like where? You could put some spruce pitch in it to seal it up and be anti bacterial.

  2. Tara-
    Spruce pitch would close the portal? Really? Cool!

    It’s from a bottom impacted wisdom tooth that got removed. Current snack reservoir/compost bin. I think I need something more than spruce pitch? Like stitches? I’m waiting to hear back from my dentist.

  3. It would plug it up more than close it. You can use spruce pitch instead of stitches, but probably not so much in your mouth.

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