I skinned a squirrel, and I liked it

Speaking of fish, let’s talk about squirrels for a minute.-----warning-----this story is pretty gross---------------------------------I found the squirrel a block away from the house. Lying in the sun, dead.“A squirrel!” I said, leaning over my bike to look at it. “Maybe even fresh!” The squirrel looked recent, almost lively. Kimber pulled her bike around to look … Continue reading I skinned a squirrel, and I liked it

Fish Oil

Exhibit A: The Oil of the Fish.Earlier this month, Sam and I were sitting in the Hobo Jungle in Cincinnati, waiting for the train. Life was idle time, hours stitched together, an endless quilt. The best kind of quilt, I thought, laying back on the leafy forest floor, watching the sun move through the empty … Continue reading Fish Oil

Madge’s List

A pond to swim inwoodsgood growing light for plantsgood house light to live ingreen house housekittenshorse riding and working horses(Freasians?)Hunderwasser buildingsgood soil for foodshay and animal feed growinggoatschickenscheese and bread makinggrowing grains and cornpigs and sausagesherbs, orchard, fruitskiwis, berries, veg, nutswell or spring waterwater mill energyneighbors (good ones)kidsold friends (over 60)friends working togetherWWOOFERSSaunahot tub (fire … Continue reading Madge’s List


---------To the tune of “come sail away”, by Styx.I’m smashing computers. Smashing laptops, with an iron crowbar. Or a baseball bat. I’m running through a building filled with laptops, smashing in their faces with my big blunt thing, pure raw energy coming out of my body, bored muscles finally awakening from the longest sleep this … Continue reading Fantasy