CDT day 91: thunderstorms, naps and thai buffets: a zero in Lander

August 3
Mileage: zero

Capn crunch and almond milk for breakfast. Walking to the post office. It’s hot in Lander. Thai lunch buffet at the Siam Cafe- only $8.75! Iced green tea. Buck-30 is here! Wild Iris outdoor store- looking at all the fancy pricey gear. I splurge and buy myself a present- a hiking dress from a local company. It looks like little house on the prairie. It’s actually the flower-print hiking dress of my dreams. Collared with snap buttons up the front. Is it really meant for hiking long distances? It’s made of rayon and I found it at a gear store… Am I about to destroy this nice thing that I just bought? I never pay retail for stuff. We’ll see. I like walking around town in this flowered dress with my battered trail runners and my camo Gila Wilderness cap. In my head, I make up the character that I am- I live in the mountains with my super-conservative fundamentalist family. Everyone is homeschooled. We make all our own clothes. I’m not allowed to listen to the radio or talk to strangers. But dang, I’m a good hunter. This dress needs some blood on it. That would complete the look, I think.

Afterwards I mostly sit on the couch and write my blog. The boys play endless rounds of magic. Laundry and showers and leftover spaghetti. We finish the entire giant bowl of kale salad. In the afternoon a thunderstorm rolls in while I’m napping- The power is out, I hear someone say in my dreams. Kitt’s friends come and go, and we chat with them. Thank god for Kitt!!

Tomorrow we start the great divide basin- it’s gonna be a hot one.

Thank you Kitt for letting us stay at your wonderful house!

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