CDT day 90: Lander, Wyoming!

August 2
1674 miles hiked

Since I didn’t eat dinner I wake hungry after about four hours, and stare at the moonlight on the fabric of the tarp. The moon is so bright it’s like a car’s headlights are pointed at me. Oh, moon! I lie there until dawn, feeling warm and cozy but very, very awake. Ah, I knew should’ve eaten dinner.

We’ve got just thirteen miles to highway 28 this morning, on a smooth dirt road through bright rolling sagebrush. As soon as the sun comes up it’s hot, and there are cows lolling about in the water sources. A preview of what the great divide basin will be like! We’ve spent some quality time among the cows, and we’ve figured them out. You know what they’re saying? It’s not Moo. It’s Matt. Maaaaaaaatt. MATT! Matt? Maaaatt. Say it aloud. You’ll understand.

Spark and I walk together, making jokes about pooping and farting and talking about what food we’d like to eat in town, per usual. I’ve got my heart set on spaghetti and kale salad- I’ve been thinking about this meal for days. An incredibly kind woman, Kitt, who hiked the CDT in 2013, has offered us use of her house in Lander. She’ll be out of town while we’re there, but she’s hidden a key for us. I am beyond stoked for this, and we’ve been talking about it for days. A real house, where we can cook dinner! Spaghetti and kale salad!!

We get a hitch into Lander within minutes, somewhat miraculously, and 30 minutes later we’re at the Lander bar, ordering burgers and salads. I smell the worst I’ve smelled on the entire CDT so far and people are staring at us, but not in the usual hostile way. NOLS is based out of Lander, so people are used to outdoorsy types, although the outdoorsy people they’re used to seeing are much cleaner and less fried-looking than us. I don’t care though. My salad has olives in it!! We find Track Meat and the three of us head to Kitt’s house, stopping on the way for dinner ingredients. I make a massive bowl of kale salad, some marinara, and both regular and GF noodles. Some other folks are staying at Kitt’s house too, and we sit in the backyard chatting and eating. Spark and Track Meat destroy a half gallon of cookies and cream ice-cream. Much relax.

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