CDT day 65: more adventures in bummersville

July 8
Mileage 31
1,209 miles hiked

The light-headedness is back this morning. I feel frustrated and bummed by this. Physical exertion makes me feel a little like I’m gonna fall over. Oh well. Time to hike.

Huge climbs today- or maybe they’re not that big. I wouldn’t know. Everything feels hard. I fall behind, tool up to the passes in my lowest gear. The mountains are pretty. Wildflowers. Streams. Mosquitoes. Did I bring enough food? Thunder rolls over all day, it drizzles a little. It’s cool and cloudy enough that I don’t even put on sunscreen.

Morale is low. Everything is hard. I think in the next town of any size I’ll try and figure out what’s wrong with me.

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