CDT day 64: the Post Office Game

July 7
Mileage 21
1,178 miles hiked

It’s hard to leave Darby. We do a good job though. We’ve eaten breakfast, caught a ride, and we’re back on the trail by… eleven a.m.! I think that’s some sort of record!

We’re playing the Post Office Game again this section. The Post Office Game is such: the post office in the next town has limited hours. You’ve got a package there and so you have to make it before the post office closes for the weekend. It’s 125 miles to Leadore, Idaho. The post office there closes at 11 a.m. on Saturday. It’s currently 11 a.m on Tuesday. Let’s go!

It starts raining in the afternoon. Thunder! Lightning! We’re up on a ridge. I stuff everything into the trash compactor bag I use as a pack liner and put on my rain jacket. It’s not too cold- I can enjoy this rain. The heat wave has broken! That’s awesome. Maybe tomorrow it won’t be eleventy-billion degrees.

We camp in the damp forest next to a clear fast stream. Tomorrow the trail goes up… and down… and up… and down…

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