CDT day 52: fresh legs!

June 25
Mileage: 25
961.5 miles hikes

I stay up way too late in the dark hotel room scrolling on instagram but then finally drift off and sleep like a tired rock, earplugs stuffed into my ears. When I wake it’s 7 a.m. and everyone is already up- Track Meat, MeHap and Spark are sitting in plastic chairs in front of the motel drinking coffee, and Apache is uploading a youtube video. I jump up, feeling as though I’ve missed everything. I feel incredible though- a good night’s sleep will do that for you.

After packing up we all walk to the gas station and Spark and Apache split a large pepperoni pizza for breakfast, because we’re classy like that. We loiter for a while and then it’s time to hitch- this will be our sixth time at Rodgers pass, after our hilarious indecisive back-and-forth shenanigans. Luckily the people of this town are generous, and Track Meat, Spark and I get a ride in no time. It’s 10 a.m. when we start to hike.

Fresh legs. It feels so good to have fresh legs! I can walk forever. I love walking! We’re ridgewalking again today, mountains on mountains on mountains, flowers everywhere. The trail climbs and drops, climbs and drops. There’s a heat wave coming through, so for once it’s actually warm. I’m sweating like crazy- what even is this? Sweat? I never sweat on the CDT, not like I did on the PCT. It always seems to be kind of a little bit cold.

Today is a good day. I’m well rested, I feel good, and I’m out here with my friends. I love my friends! They’re funny. So funny. And kind. We’re such weirdos! We get to be weirdos together. In the nature. Who gets to do that?!

Water is more scarce this section, the sources 12 to 15 miles apart instead of running all over the trail. We scout around for them, walk down random forest service roads to find tiny streams. Camp is a glorious dirt-road pass with a pit toilet and front row seats to the sunset. There are three picnic tables, so we each get one to sleep on. We cook our dinners as the sky turns orange and the mosquitos come out in full force. Another good day.

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