CDT day 51: F it, let’s take a zero in Lincoln

June 24
Mileage: zero

You’re not gonna believe this, but… in the morning we pack up slow, imbibe caffeine, share a box of capn’ crunch w crunch berries and a box of peanut butter capn’ crunch among the three of us, along with a carton of almond milk, and then hitch back to Rodgers pass to start hiking…

When we get to the pass Frodo is there, in a camp chair next to her camper van, waiting for the hikers behind us, who are due to arrive any minute. Our friends! We haven’t seen anyone else in a week. We need to see other people! Then we’re sitting in the dirt behind the camper van, drinking sodas, playing Hit The Rock With The Other Rock. I pull out the last of the peanut butter capn’ crunch and we try to toss it into each others’ mouths from great distances. Then Track Meat and I are making up new dance moves. Before we know it’s eleven a.m. The other hikers should be here any minute. We think about it. What would make the most sense would be to turn around, hitch back into Lincoln and take a zero, right?

And so we do.

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