CDT day 49: one side Atlantic, one side Pacific

June 22
Mileage: 30
925.5 miles hiked

The cold comes in and the condensation descends like a ghost- I wake up in a damp sleeping bag and stare at the stars, unable to fall back asleep. What time does dawn come?

There are no words to describe my exhaustion today. Not enough sleep and a long, steep climb up onto the divide. The actual divide! One side Atlantic, one side Pacific. Once up on the ridge I can see the mountains in every direction, piling up or fading away into hot, dry valleys. The trail follows the ridge all afternoon- up to a peak, down to a saddle. Up to a peak, down to a saddle. I get some sort of second wind in the afternoon and start to enjoy myself- I play pop music and cruise on the ridges. We’re dry camping so we eat dinner at our last water source- a small, clear lake. I jump in the other end of the lake and clamber out, gasping from the cold. I am a wild animal. I am free.

Track Meat finds us a campsite up on the ridge in a little patch of trees, and we throw our bedrolls down among the flowers. I have reception so I stay up too late looking at instagram and then I snuggle down in my sleeping bag, pulling it up around my ears against the cold.

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