CDT day 48: Benchmark ranch

June 21
Mileage 25
895.5 miles hiked

I’m bored of writing about hiking. Is that ok to say? Are you guys bored of reading about it?

Benchmark Ranch is a log cabin in the woods. We walk there, sit at a picnic table in the sun and organize our resupplies while the flies land on us. The owner kindly runs the generator so we can charge our phones in exchange for a few dollars. His wife finds a ziploc baggie of vintage tampons in a drawer.

“They belonged to my mother in law,” she says as she hands them to me.

I’m saved! I can hike all the way to Helena! The Helena challenge is thus: 250 miles in 8.5 days. If we make it it will, I think, be the fastest I’ve ever hiked 250 miles.

After Benchmark we’re headed out when a group of older dudes at a cabin hails us over and gives us beer and soda, respectively. We sit around on logs and shoot the shit for a while and then walk on, down the dusty road to the trail.

Camp is on a small shelf on a steep mountainside, the forest around us burned to a crisp. A cold wind blows as the sun sinks. We try to come up with alliteration for a Wyoming challenge- no wipe Wyoming? Whatever it takes Wyoming?

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