CDT day 27: Slow for snow: a zero at ghost ranch

May 31
Mileage 0

After the best breakfast ever we’re jacked on caffeine and decide, what’s the hurry? We’ve got to wait for the snow to melt anyway, why not take a zero here in this wonderful place, and we spend the next few hours hunched over our phones in the cafe where the wifi is, checking snow conditions in the San Juans and buying snow shoes, ice axes, microspikes, waterproof socks, gloves, a dog team, cases of salt pork, cases of whiskey, scientific equipment, journals, ammunition, a stack of wolverine pelts, bundles of traps, oxygen canisters, ropes, watercolor supplies, a collapsible yurt… We’re going into the snow, and we’re doing it together. Unless it all melts before we get there. In which case we’ll be the proud owners of lots of new mountaineering equipment. And a dog team.

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