the smoky warm ambiguous end of summer

I’m in Southern Oregon and I start work in a week- it’s warm and smoky and I’m surrounded by oak-covered hills so I run uphill for as long as I can and eat GF sunflower-butter sandwiches and drink bubbly water with apple cider vinegar in it and work on my manuscript and, if you can believe it, I’ve even been reading a book- but I feel restless, crazy restless, I’m not used to having this much empty yawning time, I want to hitch-hike to somewhere with unreasonable weather and go on some steep hike until my life feels like it’s overflowing again and at night my legs ache with fatigue. I’ve got a week and no money, what can I do? Everything is free, tho- the wind, the air, the light, the sunrise, the rain, when it comes, the seasons…

A couple of things- I have a small interview on the Trail&Era website, and my friend Lacy Davis has a brilliant blog where she writes about food/exercise/body issues and the relationship between those three things.

I promise to blog again if anything interesting happens.


8 thoughts on “the smoky warm ambiguous end of summer

  1. Digging the Pika theme Carrot! I run into them all the time and they don’t seem to like me (I get along with Marmots way better). One time camping at 13000 ft I had a Pika scheming to get me out of his boulder field by rushing me and what seemed like screaming in my face. Then he proceeded to chew on my stove and pick at my bivy all night…..

  2. I find your everyday mundane life rather interesting and I don’t require any special thing to happen to hear from you…Like what book are you reading–fiction, non-fiction? Is there a reason I would like to read it? You know, stuff like that. My sister never emails me now cuz she says she isn’t doing “anything” but aren’t ideas and thoughts just as worthy to be shared as activities? I think so but perhaps I’m in the minority. Oh well.

  3. Dear Carrot,

    You are writing a “Fucking Book”? I had no idea you were an expert in that field. LOL. I couldn’t resist.

    I guess this give the term “Trailmance”, a fresh perspective.

    Anyways. I passed by the PCT twice today, once in my car and again on my bike near the summit of Mt Laguna. And I thought about your blogs. Congrats on your 2nd through hike.

    And, write your book when you are inspired to do it. Not a moment sooner. I would hate to see you leave your best effort somewhere in the back of that gifted little brain of yours. Great writing comes from inspiration, not from being told to sit down and write.

    Anyways, I just felt inspired to comment.

    That is how I do it.


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