It’s my birthday today


Broken Top and Lake Moraine

And I’m bumming around Three Sisters Wilderness with Orbit, her friend Leah who’s in acupuncture school and another friend, also named Lia, a diminutive welder with the words home sick tattooed on her knuckles. I’m sleepless and strange feeling as they texted me at midnight last night saying do you want to go to south sister… right now? And we drove through the night, arriving in Bend just as the sky started to lighten. I’ve got a backpack full of snacks and tonight we climb South Sister for the sunrise. And this evening we’ll make a little fire on the ridge, watch the sunset and toast marshmallows. They’re magic marshmallows, each one makes a wish come true.

It’s already the best birthday I’ve had in years.

31 thoughts on “It’s my birthday today

  1. Happy Birthday Carrot!
    Your adventure to the Three Sisters sounds like the best way to celebrate your Birthday!

  2. Happy High Holy Day. Have loved your blog for a very long time and read every post. Thanks for sharing your highs, your lows, your life, your dreams. So glad to have found you. Your writing rocks, as do you. Hope your day is amazing.

  3. Happy Birthday Carrot!!!! What a beautiful way to spend your birthday…surrounded by friends who love you and that which you love… 🙂

  4. Happiest of birthdays to you Carrot! It sounds like a wonderful day already. Hope all those marshmallows really are magical and your wishes come true. ❤

  5. I gotta quit getting lost in the vortex of the internet or I would have seen this sooner. Happy Birthday! I love sunsets but dawn is one of most favorite times of the day; most of the world is still sleeping, the air is cool, and there is the promise of a new and wonderful day. Hope yours is magical.

  6. Congratulations Carrot, it seems so special to celebrate your anniversary on the trail!
    After so many days without hearing from you I enjoyed reading about your new adventures. Please keep on writing!
    Celebratory regards,

  7. Hey Carrot, someone some time ago suggested you check out Jenny Lawson’s blog The Bloggess and a few posts back you voiced dismay that while there is injustice in the world, you were writing about hiking. I think you may find something worthwhile in Jenny’s last post “So fragile but so enduring”. Her analogy of an egg not being an egg (you have to read it to understand) is what your writing is to your tribe; not just writing but a gift of sorts. Just read Jenny’s blog post as she says it beautifully. It made me think about you anyway and your struggle to find what your place in the world may be. I think you will find it worthwhile.

  8. Hi Carrot, belated happy birthday. I have enjoyed your blog of the PCT. I hope even when not hiking you continue your blog about what you are doing and your thoughts on life.

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